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Beginning with the September 2011-2012 school year, our school has implemented the
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Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights Act.

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2- Field Day- 1 PM Dismissal

5- Field Day Rain Date- 1 PM Dismissal

21 - 1 PM Dismissal

22 - 1 PM Dismissal

23 - Last day of school for students 1 PM Dismissal

26 - Last day of school for teachers


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5 & 6- Teacher In-service

7- First Day of School

21- Back to School Night


OFAC Report - November 2016

Canine companion program a hit at Montague School (click here)

MONTAGUE -- Recently, a trial canine companion program was started at the Montague School and so far it's been a big success.

Montague fourth-graders, along with some of the younger students in the building, have had the pleasure of having Sloan, a 12-week-old pit bull puppy, and Barley, a Shepherd mix, visit them for the past few weeks.

Both pups were adopted from local shelters and have not only found wonderful homes, but have also become part of the Montague School family.

Students had the opportunity to read to the dogs and are assigned different tasks throughout the day to help care for the pups.

This has been a good opportunity for the students to learn responsibility, respect, trust and boost self-confidence.

The dogs love when the students read to them, and students that have been reluctant to read in the past can't wait to have their turn to read with their new friends.

It has been a wonderful opportunity for the students, and the entire feel of the classroom changes when the puppies visit. Students become motivated toward reading and learning, and Sloan also helps them work on their listening skills.